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"We were totally unprepared for what happened.
You wake up in the middle of the night
and realize that everything you have
is going up in smoke. All we had was each other --
and the Red Cross. In the midst of the chaos,
there was a smiling, concerned face, an arm I could lean on,
a sense of hope. That's why, after our lives were back to normal,
I signed up to be a Red Cross volunteer."

Elizabeth Kourtesis
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What does the Red Cross do for you!?!

Because the Red Cross is not a government agency, we depend on the support of people like you to provide emergency disaster relief services, messaging services, health and safety training, Holocaust survivor training, and countless other vital services to the community. Here's how you can help:
  • Make a financial contribution today -- It's the most effective and easiest
    Ebony James and son, Kamari, were victims of a devastating apartment fire. They credit the Red Cross with helping to put their lives back together.
    way to help.
  • Honor someone special in your life with a Tribute Donation.
  • A Memorial Gift from the Red Cross commemorates the life of your loved by providing disaster relief to those in need in his or her name.
  • Donate your vehicle: car, truck, trailer or boat. If it's on wheels, we'll take it.
  • Put the Red Cross in your will to continue your legacy of giving.
Find out about receiving a tax deduction for your donation by visiting our Planned Giving site for more information.

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