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Introduction to Disaster Services

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What We Do

Our American Red Cross Disaster Action Team (made up of all Central Maryland disaster response volunteers) is a well trained unit that responds at a moment’s notice to disasters locally and across the country. They are on-call at any time of the day to:

  • Provide emergency assistance & comfort to disaster victims
  • Survey homes for damage and losses
  • Authorize temporary shelter and purchases of food, clothing and other immediate emergency assistance based on needs and loss
  • Assist with the feeding and sheltering of disaster victims
  • If professionally qualified, assist with the physical and mental health needs of disaster victims
  • Teach disaster preparedness in your community
  • Participate in local drills
  • Respond locally, statewide, and nationally to different disasters

Becoming A Disaster Action Team (DAT) Member

We provide all the training you need to help you become a qualified DAT member. You can get additional information about Disaster Services groups and activities by viewing Introduction to Disaster Services, an interactive online course. Complete and submit the volunteer inquiry form to start the process of becoming a DAT member.

“You never know when
you might need help.
It is an honor to be able to
help other people.”
 Michael Lawson

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