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Location of and contact information the Howard County Office

History of The Howard County American Red Cross
The Howard County office of the American Red Cross, Central Maryland Chapter, was opened in 1973. Prior to that time, the Central Maryland Chapter had been providing services to the county from downtown. However, following the advise of local volunteers, it was decieded to open an office in Howard County.

Under the leadership of Alma Lauriente, then Chairperson of Bloodmobile Volunteers, a Chapter Board of Directors was formed and appropriate staff were hired.

However, in the Fall of 1993, in order to avoid an anticipated cut in United Way allocations, several of the services provided at the County level were consolidated in the Central Chapter Headquarters. No loss of service was experienced as a result of this move and a savings of over $100,000 was realized annually Chapter wide.

The local county operation is now responsible for some specific activities such as disaster relief, fundraising, board development, volunteer recruitment, community relations, and support of the Central Chapter's community services. These activities are spelled out in more detail in other parts of the manual.

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Purpose is to raise funds to support the services of the organization through:

Special Events
Purpose is to concentrate on events such as golf tournaments, auctions, etc., which raise funds equal or exceed 50% of gross costs.
Board Support
Purpose is to obtain 100% participation by board members, who make a personal financial contribution to the organization.

Major Gifts
Purpose is to solicit new indeviduals, businesses, and civic organizations, which can make a contribution of $100 or more; to establish personal realtions with existing major contributors to obtain increases in their contribution.

Planned Giving
Purpose is to obtain gifts through foundations, wills, insurance policies, stocks, bonds and property.


Purpose is to have predisaster preparedness plans in a place in the event of a major disaster; provide a consistant system of relief to meet emergency needs of victims of single family disasters and those disasters affecting a large area of the county.

Purpose is to recruit errective leadership to the board of directors representitive of the county's geographical areas, professions and culture.


Purpose is to recomend to the board of directors any changes, improvements, repairsm which will enhance the physical appearence and operations of Red Cross facilities in the county.

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