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Industrial and retail companies Since thousands of people spend their days inside of offices, business parks, industrial plants, and retail sites, AEDs should be found in each of these places. Research shows shopping malls are one of the most likely spots for cardiac arrests to occur.
Residential, resort and hospitality industries Residential communities, apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, and casinos have discovered that an AED program will enhance the value of the properties--strengthening guest and resident safety. One casino has used their AED enough times that ABC interviewed them for the news show “20/20."
Sports, fitness and recreational facilities Sports lovers—participants and observers—are also vulnerable to cardiac arrest. Golf courses and sports stadiums are two of the top five most likely spots for cardiac arrest. Pro-active facility managers plan to install AEDs at their health clubs, fitness centers, sports arenas, swimming pools, and other recreational properties.
Schools and other municipal sites Public health advocates are beginning to recommend defibrillators be on hand wherever crowds of people congregate. High schools, college campuses, and municipal sites all fit that bill.
Law enforcement Police are often the first on the scene of a sudden cardiac arrest. A study in the Annals of Emergency Medicine shows when police do arrive before paramedics, victims of cardiac arrest are ten times more likely to survive if the police defibrillate them if necessary.
Clinics and non-hospital medical sites One might think all medical facilities have defibrillators on site, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Medical and dental offices may be filled with all kinds of equipment, but many aren't supplied with defibrillators.
Commercial carriers Many airlines, train and ferry operations, and cruise lines are considering AED programs. Although sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, the odds skyrocket in busy locations such as airports and train stations.

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