The Crime Avoidance

Who needs it?
  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Corporate employees
  • Non-profit workers
  • Government employees
  • Community associations
  • Residents of high crime areas

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Crime Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere ... to Anyone!

Almost every day, we hear shocking news reports of violent crimes committed against unsuspecting citizens. In response to this, the American Red Cross has developed a new training program to help people avoid becoming the victims of crime.

The new Crime Avoidance Program is offered at Red Cross sites in Baltimore, Cockeysville, Severna Park, Columbia, Westminster and Bel Air, and may also be offered on-site by employers to their employees or by colleges and universities to their faculty, staff and students.

The 1-hour interactive training empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own safety. The course teaches techniques to help people minimize the risk of becoming a target of crime and to respond appropriately to threatening situations. The course covers the following topics:

Security Awareness -- Identifying your personal security risks and taking responsibility for your own safety.
Becoming a Tough Target -- Strategies of people who are most likely to avoid crime.
Safety "On the Move" -- Tips for staying safe when walking, driving, taking public transportation, or using an ATM.

Safety at the Workplace -- Using stairwells and elevators, parking lots and garages, entering unoccupied offices, dealing with suspicious people, etc.

Responding to Threatening Situations -- Attracting attention, taking action, and avoiding secondary crime scenes.

Each course is led by a certified Red Cross instructor with a background in law enforcement or personal security. Course content is organized around a typical work day, including commuting to and from work, and based on the Tough Target strategies of J. J. Bittenbinder, a veteran Chicago homicide detective and nationally-renowned expert on crime prevention. Participants receive a manual and safety tips, and develop a Personal Security Plan that addresses their particular risks.

Cost is only $9.95 per person when you attend a conveniently located community course. The cost varies when we conduct the training at your location depending upon the size of the group.

For a list of scheduled classes, click here. For more information about the program call 1-800-787-8002.