American Red Cross and Boy Scouts of America Training Agreement

Agreement encourages scouts to become instructors

The American Red Cross and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have been collaborators in serving the community, and each other, since the earliest days of both organizations. The BSA recommends Red Cross first aid, aquatic safety, and other training for leaders and scouts under various circumstances, including when leading youth on outings and for certain merit badges and other awards. To ensure convenient and cost effective access to Red Cross training, BSA councils and districts need their own instructors and instructor trainers within an authorized provider relationship. To facilitate this for the entire Scouting organization, such a relationship was formalized at a national level.

As part of the agreement, the Red Cross will work with BSA councils to develop instructors and instructor trainers, ensuring their ability to meet training obligations for both adult volunteers and youth members. Courses that are currently listed in some level of youth or adult leader requirements include:

  • First Aid for Children Today
  • (Emergency Preparedness Award)
  • Basic Aid Training
  • Standard First Aid
  • Adult CPR
  • Sport Safety Training
  • Wilderness First Aid ( preferred course for trek leadership and Venturing)
  • Emergency Response
  • Lifeguard Training

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If you are already an instructor...

The Central Maryland Chapter of the American Red Cross is anxious to implement this agreement with the Baltimore Area Council of BSA. A first step is to identify scouts or scout leaders who are already certified either as Red Cross or American Heart instructors. If you are an instructor, please complete and submit the Instructor form above. *NOTE: If you have not already done so, please visit our national site at to learn about important upcoming updates to training.

A second step is to organize instructor training courses within the Baltimore Area council. If you are interested in becoming an instructor, complete and submit the Instructor Candidate form above. Once candidates have been identified, the Central Maryland Chapter will coordinate with the Baltimore Area Council to establish classes.

If you are not already an instructor but would like to start teaching...
Very importantly, some of the Red Cross programs, which are particularly suited for Cub Scouts, can be delivered by scout leaders who are not instructors, but are CPR certified. Two of these programs, First Aid for Today's Children (FACT) and Basic Aid Training (BAT) were recently taught by Scout leader, J.D. Urbach at the Chesapeake District Camporee. Details of the programs as well as the new course, First Aid and Preparedness, are shown below.

The American Red Cross and BSA share a common mission of service to the community and to help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. This agreement can help us form a great partnership.