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Laerdal CPR Masks
Laerdal Mask & Hard Case
Item# 820011 $13.25
The Microshield Plus
Microshield Plus
Item# AE5510$7.00
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Nylon Pocket Pouch
Item# 820220 $6.00

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Microshield Plus & Keychain
Microshield Plus & Keychain
Item# AE5535$10.50

Res-cue Key Accessory Pack
Res-cue Key Accessory Pack
Item# 248211$7.50
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For information on Red Cross teaching aids for swim instructors, coaches or camp leaders, or for information on emergency response teams, corporate health and safety classes, group fund raisers and more,
please call 410-764-4609 (Baltimore area) or 1-800-787-8002 (outside Baltimore).

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