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Who we are?
The Central Maryland Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT) is a core of fully trained volunteers who assist victims of local disasters, ranging from single-family fires to community-wide disasters such as flooding or power outages during severe weather.

Anne Arundel County is one of five teams in the Central Maryland region. Other Disaster Teams provide similar services in Howard County, Carroll County, Baltimore City and County and Harford County. These teams operate independently but can come together during multi-county disasters or when one team requires additional assistance.

What we do?
After an initial call from the fire department, disaster victim, family member or friend, Red Cross DAT members respond to disasters in teams of two or more people on a 24-hour a day basis, seven days a week. DAT members assist disaster victims with emergency and long-term needs:

  • The team evaluates the extent of damage to determine how much assistance the victims will need.
  • Victims are given vouchers made out to select vendors to replace essential items such as food and clothing, basic household appliances and furnishings, and medical and occupational supplies that are lost or destroyed in the disaster.
  • During a large disaster, temporary shelters may be set up to provide disaster victims with a place to stay.  Hundreds of meals may be served at one time to shelter occupants as well as emergency workers including firemen, power company workers, rescue workers and police.
  • The DAT has specially trained members who also provide disaster victims with emotional support in the face of their tragedy.

Anne Arundel County

Because of the size of the county and the size of the Anne Arundel DAT, we meet at two different locations on alternating months.  If you're interested in joining the team click on the Volunteer button at the top of the page, the link at the bottom of the page or call us at one of the phone numbers below.


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