Babysitting Tips

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Opportunities to volunteer include becoming a CPR/first aid instructor or playing Fred, the Red Cross mascot.


A helpful tip for babysitters…

The Red Cross Babysitter’s Training course teaches the following FIND method to help you make the best possible decision in every situation.


Use the FIND Model for Decision Making:

 Figure out the problem–
What do I need to decide? Identify possible solutions–
What are my choices.

Name two pros and cons for each choice–
What are the advantages of each?

Decide which is the best choice, then act on it.–
What will I do now?



Be Prepared For Almost Anything

The Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Program is designed to help young people become responsible babysitters. The course covers diverse topics such as child safety, first aid, response to choking, age-appropriate play, nutrition, infant care, leadership and professional skills. For more information on this wonderful program, click here or call us at 410-787-8002 in the Baltimore area, and 800-787-8002, outside of Baltimore.Go to the Babysitter’s Training Program page.
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Not long ago, a bright young girl was brutally murdered after accepting a babysitting job with a man she’d never met before and for whom she had no references.In a world of random violence, a sitter’s safety has become as important as that of the children being watched,” said Jane Aksoy, Health and Safety Specialist here at the Red Cross. “It’s important to meet with a family before working with them. Never underestimate your own intuition [your first response to the person].”
How do you keep
yourself safe?

  • Know the parents or guardians and the families of the children you will babysit.
  • Tell your parents or guardians where you will be, when to expect you home and how to contact you. Know where they will be and also how to contact them.
  • If babysitting for a family makes you feel uncomfortable at all, don’t do it.
  • Make your own arrangements to get to and from the job safely. Have a back-up plan if you become uncomfortable at any point (Example: If you are uncomfortable riding home an employer, have a code word you can use on the phone to let your parents or guardians know you need a ride home)