A Gift That Also Gives You Financial Security
Looking to secure funds for life with no market risk at higher rates than your CD? A charitable gift annuity may be the answer to your search. With a gift annuity you simply transfer funds to the American Red Cross of Central Maryland in exchange for lifetime payments. You (and a survivor, if desired) will receive a fixed and attractive rate of return for life, based on your age, free of investment worries and responsibilities. For a free benefits summary, at no obligation, call Marlo Saindon at 410-624-2034 or email her at .

A Red Cross Charitable Gift Annuity Offers:

  • Guaranteed payment rates, based on age
  • Income for life, a portion of which is tax free
  • An immediate charitable tax deduction
  • The satisfaction of helping the Red Cross

Simple Plan, Valuable Benefits
A charitable gift annuity is easy to set up and doesn�t require a lot of money. The minimum contribution is $5,000. The only requirement is that you must be at least 65 years of age or be willing to defer payments until you turn 65.

The rate of payment you receive doesn�t fluctuate with the stock market, interest rates or inflation. It is firmly set at the time of your gift and never changes. A brief contract between you and the Red Cross spells out the annuity payments and their frequency (usually annually, semi-annually or quarterly).

Your age at the time of the gift determines the payment rate: the older you are, the higher the rate. The chart below shows some examples, based on the rates of return recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities.

Valuable Income Tax Benefits
If you itemize deductions on your tax return, you get a tax break for a portion of your gift, based on the payment you receive and your age at the start. This is the government�s way of encouraging gifts to public charitable organizations. A portion of the payments will be tax-free and if you used securities to fund the annuity you receive a reduction in capital gains taxes.

Annuity for Another Beneficiary, Too
If you wish, you can arrange a two-life annuity that makes payments to you and then to another person�your spouse, for instance�for life. The rate of return is slightly lower for a two-life annuity than for a single-life annuity, because the payment period likely will be longer for two lives.

Financial Support for Someone You Love
Are you financially supporting an elderly parent, sibling or friend? If so, consider naming him or her as beneficiary of a Red Cross Charitable Gift Annuity. You will receive an immediate charitable tax deduction for your gift. Your loved one will receive a guaranteed lifetime income, based on age, a portion of which will be tax-free and you will no longer be providing support using your hard-earned after-tax dollars.

Defer payments and receive even more income
A charitable gift annuity provides the benefit of immediate payments, but if you defer the payments, the benefits multiply. With a deferred gift annuity, you make your contribution now and receive an immediate income tax charitable deduction, but you postpone the start of your life income until a specified future date. The rate of return depends on your birth date and the date when the payments will begin. Because payments are deferred, the rate is considerably higher than the rate for an immediate annuity.

Sample Single-Life Gift
Annuity Rates

Age Rate
90 11.3%
85 9.5%
80 8.0%
75 7.1%
70 6.5%
65 6.0%

A Gift That Gives Back
By creating a charitable gift annuity, you�ll receive dependable and unchangeable payments you won�t outlive�and you�ll enjoy significant tax savings, too. At the same time, you�ll be supporting the Red Cross� commitment to relieving the suffering caused by disasters and to saving lives. For a free benefits summary, at no obligation, call Marlo Saindon at 410-624-2034 or email her at .

This information is not intended as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult an attorney. Figures cited in examples should be considered approximations, as tax and charitable giving laws are subject to change.