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To be sure that you and your entire family are safe in and around the water - encourage the whole family to learn to swim. The American Red Cross teaches people of every age and swimming ability. To enroll in a course to learn or improve your ability to swim, contact us at 410-764-4609.

If a child is missing, check the pool first, then the area surrounding the pool

  • If you can't see the bottom, you must check it physically

Never leave a child unsupervised around the water

  • It only takes a few minutes for a child to drown
Enclose your pool completely with self-locking, self-closing fence

  • Openings in fence should be no more than 4" wide
  • If the house opens directly onto the pool area, the doors should sound an alarm if opened unexpectedly

Never leave furniture near the fence that would enable a child to climb over the fence

Keep toys away from the pool when not in use - toys attract young children

Always keep basic lifesaving equipment by the pool

  • Know how to use lifesving equipment - pole, rope and personal flotation devices (PFDs) are recommended.

Alcohol impairs your judgement, balance, and coordination

  • Alcohol affects your swimming and diving skills and reduces your body's ability to stay warm

Post CPR instructions and 9-1-1 emergency number in the pool area

Install a phone by the pool or keep a cordless phone nearby so that you can call 911 in an emergency

Learn Red Cross CPR and insist that babysitters, grandparents and others who care for your child know CPR

Pool covers should always be completely removed prior to pool use

Learn more about safety by purchasing the Red Cross video "It only takes a minute." Call 410-764-4609

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