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First Aid Kits:

The First Aid Fanny Pack

Our First Aid Fanny Pack goes where you go. Sporty and lightweight, this kit is loaded with necessities for the everyday emergencies of an active lifestyle.

Supplies include a cold pack, splint, elastic bandages, gauze, tape, insect relief pad, gloves, tweezers, and more.

Fannypack - Item  #FAKACT2   $16.00

Great for hiking, biking, outdoor sports, coaches, referees and families on the go.


The Home First Aid Kit

The essential first aid kit! Includes "how to" instructions and supplies to treat severe bleeding and to attend to scrapes and burns. Also included: multi-sized bandages, bandaids, tweezers, scissors, gloves, antiseptic swabs, a sling, adhesive tape. Comes in hard white plastic box for extra durability

Home First Aid - Item  #FAKIT   $13.99

Excellent for home use, coaches, referees, boaters, campers, cars, outdoors people and travelers


The Comprehensive First Aid Kit

Be prepared for major emergencies with the quintessential first aid kit. Contains nearly double the quantity of supplies found in the Home First Aid Kit and includes a rescue blanket, poison ivy relief and the first aid instruction booklet 'Til Help Arrives.

Comprehensive - Item  #FAKACT1   $28.00

 A must-have for coaches, referees, boaters, campers, wilderness travel, offices, and any club or organization

Pet First Aid Kit


Essential first aid supplies for your ailing or injured pet. Compact red nylon case allows for easy packing & storage and includes everything you need to take basic care of your animal. For more information about pet first aid, check out our Pet First Aid Guide.

Pet First Aid Kit - Item  #9370   $20.99

Makes a really good gift for any pet lover!

Industrial First Aid Kits

Meet OSHA requirements with one of our complete Industrial First Aid Kits. Packed full of essential supplies, these wall-mounted kits also include a first aid instruction booklet, a cold pack, eye wash & dressing, tweezers, scissors, and all your needs for basic first aid.

Call 800-787-8002 to order.

10-Person Kit   White Box - Item   #9350   $18.25
   Metal box - Item  
#9351   $28.00

25-Person Kit   White Box - Item   #9352   $22.50
                     Metal box - Item   #9353  $35.00

50-Person Kit   White Box - Item   #9354   $40.50
                     Metal box - Item   #9355   $47.50

REFILLS:      10-Person - Item   #9356   $14.00
                  25-Person - Item   #9357   $18.25

                 50-Person - Item   #9358   $29.40

 Call 800-787-8002 to order.

Babysitter's Book Bag & Carry-all

This sleek black nylon bag comes with first aid supplies, compact flashlight and emergency information notepad. Features lots of extra room for personal gear, children's books and toys.

Very professional!

Carryall - Item  #644607   $13.45

 Take Red Cross Babysitter's Training to get the essential Babysitter's Guidebook and a 10% discount on the bag. Call 800-787-8002 for information.

Health & Safety Books and Guides:


Pet First Aid Book

An indispensable guide for all pet lovers, Pet First Aid prepares you to handle pet emergencies and provides excellent health maintenance tips. The guide was written by veterinarians and includes:

  • Instructions for emergency care and treating common ailments
  • Tips on maintaining your pet's health
  • Practical advice on when to see the doctor

Pet First Aid - Item  #657100   $12.95

  An invaluable reference for any animal enthusiast.

(7" x 9",128 pages)

Sport Safety Handbook

The US Olympic Committee teamed up with the Red Cross to bring you this important guide to preventing sports injuries, treating them when they do occur and helping them heal. Don't let an injury put you on the sidelines!

Sport Safety - Item #655550  $10.00

What every coach, trainer, athlete and parent should know.

(176 pages, 4.5" x 7")

Swimming & Diving

This book Provides the best information available on a wide spectrum of aquatic activities. The six most widely used swimming strokes are explained in detail and reflect the latest research. A discussion of hydrodynamic principles and an application of them to each stroke will help you learn to swim or improve your skills. It includes:

  • Safety guidelines and rescue techniques
  • Diving starts and turns
  • Skills for all types of aquatic activity

Swimming & Diving  #   $16.95

  An invaluable reference for any aquatic athlete or teacher.

(8.5" x 11",350 pages)

First Aid Fast!

An excellent illustrated quick-reference guide of essential first aid information everyone should know. With clearly written step-by-step instructions, it's handy and compact -- fits in most first aid kits. Take it with you everywhere.

First Aid Fast - Item  #652081  $5.00

Essential information that will keep you prepared!

(3" x 7", 80 pages)

    Basic Water Rescue

    Essential information for any individual, club or organization engaging in water activities, the Basic Water Rescue guide teaches how to prevent, prepare for, recognize and render assistance during aquatic emergencies. It includes crucial self-rescue techniques as well.

    Water Rescue - Item  #654160  $4.75

    Small Craft Safety Handbook

    An absolute must for boaters and weekend warriors, this invaluable handbook offers vital information on staying safe in small crafts and handling minor emergencies. Includes:

    • Tips on self-rescue skills and assists for canoes, kayaks, sail boats, and row boats
    • Facts about various water environments.
    • Tips on trip planning and emergency preparations
    Small Craft - Item  #654171  $8.00

    Biohazard Compliance Kits:

    All biohazard compliance kits meet OSHA standards and contain the tools you need to clean up biohazardous spills, including: apron, nose & mouth cover, safety goggles, latex gloves, shovel, scraper, pick-up powder, sealable scoop bag, sanicloth, sani-dex, red biohazard bag, instructions, biohazard identification sticker. Choose from three versatile designs:

    Standard Wall Mount - durable white plastic, 8" x 5", with wall mount

    Standard - Item  #9306   $14.99

    Standard Refill - Includes all materials necessary for a complete kit without a case

    Refill - Item #9308   $11.99

    CPR Masks

    Laerdal Mask with Valve and Filter

    For the professional rescuer, the Laerdal Mask provides the safest barrier between the rescuer and the victim. Keep safe while rendering assistance with this OSHA-approved CPR mask from the first name in CPR masks, Laerdal.

    Laerdal - Item  #820011   $13.25

    Pocket Pouch for Laerdal Mask (not shown) - black nylon pouch with a belt for easy fastening

    Pouch - Item #820220  $6.00

    Other CPR Masks

    Rescue Key Accessory Pack - Everyone should have this single-use self-protection CPR mask. Its compact design includes gloves and antiseptic wipes in a 3"x5" nylon case.

    Rescue Key - Item  #248211   $7.50

    Microshield Plus - Sturdy, single-use CPR mask gives excellent protection and is designed to accommodate child or adult.

    Micro-Plus - Item  #AE5510   $7.00

    Microshield Plus & Keychain - Fit this CPR mask neatly into any purse or pocket. Blue nylon, 2" x 2"

    MicroPlus Keychain - Item  #AE5535   $10.50

    Teaching Aids

    Act SMART Kit

    Teach young people invaluable information and lifesaving decision-making regarding AIDS prevention. The wonderful workbook, teaching aids, resources, and handouts were developed in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and include age-appropriate scenarios, case studies, activities and full color posters.

    Curriculum Item  #654444   $12.95

    Ideal for young people ages 6 - 17.

    The Party: Video & Users Guide

    Trigger honest discussions about AIDS and promote smart decision-making that will aid students in future situations. The Party's exciting video is open-ended to encourage independent thinking while the user's guide and posters facilitate interactive activities.

    Video & Guide - Item  #654450   $100.00

    Proverbs Posters - HIV Prevention

    Beautiful Afro-centric art and ancient African proverbs are brought together to initiate conversations about AIDS with African-American teens. Set includes user's guide and talking points (in guide and on back of poster for easy access).

    Set of 6 Posters - Item   #329595    $20.00

    Don't Forget Sherrie

    This exciting AIDS awareness program targets African American youth and is designed to stimulate interactive discussions and create awareness about the impact of AIDS on African Americans.

    Video -   Item  #329497     $17.00

    Workbooks - Item   #329583   $8.00 Pack of 10

    A great way to approach today's teens about AIDS.

    F.A.C.T. Program (First Aid for Children Today)

    A comprehensive health and safety program, F.A.C.T. utilizes a fun-filled activity book that incorporates beautiful illustrations with interesting, challenging and memorable activities that teach children about safety and first aid.

    Leader's Kit - Item  #654405   $14.15

    Fun Books - Item  #654400   $38.00/Pack of 25

    Excellent tool for educators, care-givers and youth advisors of children ages K-3.

    'Till Help Arrives Booklet

    An indispensable quick-reference guide for emergency situations, "Till Help Arrives includes high points of CPR and other vital information. It is also very useful as a handout to accompany presentations and safety demonstrations

    Booklets - Item   #652025     $15.00/Pack of 25

    Essential information for everyone

    Longfellow's WHALE Tales

    Make water safety fun and easy to learn -- even for those who are afraid of the water. Program comes with worksheets and color posters that vividly describe safe water practices. These lessons may save a life!

    Leader's Kit - Item   #654700     $10.50

    Video - Item   #654710     $35.00

    The ideal safety program for elementary school children

    Waddles Aquatic Coloring Book

    This fun and colorful activity book eases children's fear of swimming and teaches basic water safety guidelines. Waddles utilizes a unique approach to make learning more memorable.

    Coloring Book - Item #652002     $2.58