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The American Red Cross was founded in 1881 by nurse Clara Barton, who had the nickname "angel on the battlefield". She devoted her whole life to the good cause of gratuitous help to those people who needed it. And today the Red Cross is based on the selfless work of volunteers, nurses and other equally valuable workers. Nurses are the most numerous part of health workers in general and in the Red Cross in particular, because a significant proportion of medical services are provided by nursing staff, despite the fact that the medical profession is usually associated with doctors.

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It was Clara Barton who initiated another, the so-called American amendment to the Red Cross charter, according to which the organization began to provide assistance to victims not only during the war, but also from famine, epidemics and natural disasters. Since then, the basic principles of the work of nurses and volunteers of the organization have remained virtually unchanged, although they are constantly adapting to modern realities.

The American Red Cross employs over 13,000 nurses. Without them, it is absolutely impossible for an organization to realize its mission. Nurses and other medical workers provide indispensable assistance to victims of natural disasters, work in military hospitals, collect blood to save lives, and help the wounded. In addition, they design and teach courses ranging from CPR and first aid to disaster preparedness, from flooding to volcanic eruptions. Nurses and any other medically trained workers who choose to work with the Red Cross gain a unique experience of working in this complex and highly effective organization, but they also gain experience of working closely with colleagues who share their moral values. Work in the Red Cross means friendships that are established for the whole life, and a sense of being needed for society.

The story of American Red Cross is unique. This 140-year-old non-governmental organization is aimed at disaster relief and aid in the US as well as in all other countries of the world. Nurses are those whom the Red Cross always needs. While some nurses for the American Red Cross are staff members, much more are volunteers. In fact, main part of the organization's work is carried out by volunteers.

Red Cross committees supply medicines to their communities, providing people in difficult situations with life-saving medicines and medical supplies. Employees and volunteers of the American Red Cross, the International Red Cross and local branches help civilians living in areas exposed to natural disasters, covered by military conflicts, and in a difficult economic situation. Medicines, dressings, medical equipment, food and hygiene items are delivered to regions with an unfavorable situation. Red Cross employees teach local residents and volunteers how to provide first aid, participate in the evacuation of the wounded, people with disabilities, and children. Mercy extends not only to people: employees often take care of homeless pets, help save them during floods and fires.

It is worth noting that any difficult situation, such as war, revolution, natural disaster, emergency, is accompanied by a violation of the usual supply chains. First of all, this hits civilians, average people, who risk being left without vital medicines, such as insulin, without which diabetics cannot survive, as antiviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV and hepatitis C, not to mention drugs for oncological sick. Without drugs for chemotherapy, thousands of people lose their chances to recover, without painkillers, the last days of fading people will not be a calm death, but excruciating agony. The mission of the Red Cross is to minimize the number of sufferers who are deprived of access to medicines and qualified medical care.

Significantly, in the United States, Red Cross staff help service members stay in touch with families in times of emergency, and provide care for US military veterans by supporting mental health, medical care, and financial assistance programs.