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Tips on making a safe charitable donation:

  • Don't give your credit card number or your bank account number out in response to phone solicitations.
  • Do not respond to letters that say you have pledged money unless you are sure that you did.
  • Be aware when giving cash. Write checks in the name of the charity, not an individual. Always ask for a receipt.
  • Be suspect of organizations that offer to send a courier or messenger to your home to pick up your donation.


What you can do
to help

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Douglas Lent

Red Cross Talks Turkey About Thanksgiving Fire Safety
(Baltimore, MD)-- As area residents prepare Thanksgiving Day meals, the Red Cross of Central Maryland urges families to be cautious in the kitchen and to take action to prevent a home fire. Thanksgiving Day has more than double the number of home cooking fires than an average day according to the U.S. Fire Administration. In fact, each year more than 4,000 fires occur on Thanksgiving Day.

“Unattended cooking is the leading cause of Thanksgiving Day home fires, and it’s easy to understand why,” said Kevin Burr, Director of Emergency Services. “It’s so easy to become distracted and lose track of what’s happening in the kitchen when you are enjoying spending time with family and friends.”

“We want everyone in Maryland to have a happy and fire-free Thanksgiving Day, so we’re urging people to stay alert and keep safety in mind while preparing a holiday feast,” said Burr.

To prevent kitchen fires, the Red Cross recommends that you keep potholders and food wrappers at least three feet away from heat sources while cooking. In addition, stoves, ovens, and ranges should be turned off if the responsible adult leaves the kitchen. Also, set timers to keep track of turkeys and other food items that require extended cooking times.

If you plan to use a turkey fryer this holiday season, the American Red Cross strongly recommends that you follow all manufacturer guidelines regarding the use of these appliances.

If you are entertaining guests, it’s a good idea to designate a responsible family member to walk around the home making sure that all candles and smoking materials are extinguished once guests leave.

For more Red Cross fire safety and preparedness information visit

For over a century, the American Red Cross has worked to improve the quality of human life, to enhance self-reliance and concern for others, and to help people prevent, prepare for, and cope with emergencies. Founded in 1905, the Central Maryland Chapter touches thousands of lives every day. In all we do, our mission remains to help prevent and relieve human suffering. Lean more by visiting


Linnea Anderson, 410-624-2081
July 20, 2006

American Red Cross Assists With The Repatriation of Evacuees From Lebanon

The American Red Cross is providing assistance to Americans and others fleeing from escalating violence in Lebanon. Central Maryland Chapter volunteers are supporting state and national authorities as the evacuees are flown into Thurgood Marshall BWI Airport. The first of several expected flights arrived Thursday morning, July 20 carrying approximately 160 U.S citizens, their dependents and other refugees.

Returnees receive meals, snacks and comfort kits from the Red Cross when they arrive at the international terminal and are offered mental health services in recognition of the enormous stress attending this situation. All services Disaster mental health volunteers and Red Cross nurses will continue to offer their services as other evacuation flights are scheduled. The Red Cross will be assisting in this capacity.


What you can do to help:

Donate Funds:
· Because the Red Cross is on the scene as the tragedy unfolds and providing assistance before the full extent of the catastrophe has been tallied, we need cash donations so that we can respond to each situation and each need accordingly.
· We cannot accept donations of material goods because our mission is to provide vital necessities on the spot according to the disaster, so we do not maintain facilities to sort, store or transport material goods.
· The Red Cross responds to a disaster every eight minutes. In central Maryland, the Red Cross responds to two to three disasters daily.
· Most disasters don’t make the news, but are equally devastating to someone who loses everything.
· Funds are urgently needed so that the Red Cross is able to respond to every disaster at the time of the disaster.
· Donate online at or send your contribution to P. O. Box Disaster Relief, Baltimore, MD 21263-0550.

Give Blood:
· Visit for a list of blood drives in your area.
· Each donation of blood helps save three lives.
· Red Cross donation centers are open extended hours to accept your donation. Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE to schedule a donation.

· Without volunteers emergency disaster relief could not be provided to those in crisis. Volunteers are the reason the Red Cross is able to be there on the scene as the disaster unfolds. Email us at or call 624-2023 to schedule an appointment.


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