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Have a car wash or organize an event like a walk-a-thon or run.
Get involved!

If you or your group is interested in creating a fundraising event to support victims of disaster or Youth Services activities, here are some tips to help you get started. Email us for more help.

Please always let us know beforehand what type of fundraising event you're hosting and when. We have resources available to help you.

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Create a penny drive where you collect spare change from students and faculty.
  • Have a car wash.
  • Organize an event like a walk-a-thon or run.
  • Have a battle of the bands contest and charge admission.
  • Host a bake sale.

How to ask for donations:

  • Sometimes you only need to make a phone call to receive a donation, especially if it is a small business, but many businesses and corporations will ask for a letter stating the reason for your request and specifics of the donation and may even have specific guidelines for you to follow. Email us for sample letters.
  • Make face-to-face contact with donors. It's harder for them to turn you down, and they will more likely remember you.
  • If you do receive a donation, no matter how small, you must always send a thank-you letter as soon as possible.

Where you should send the donation:

Financial Development American Red Cross of Central Maryland
4700 Mount Hope Drive
Baltimore, MD 21215-3231


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