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Become a Leader With The Red Cross!

Do you have leadership potential? Do you go along to get along, or do you cut your own path and leave it open for others to follow? If you think you've got what it takes, prove it by doing what needs to be done to help others...volunteer.

The Red Cross needs you. If you are more than capable of taking care of yourself, then you have the ability to volunteer. If you fit into this category, talk to us. You may be the one to lead your generation into the volunteer movement not because it looks good, but because it actually feels good. This challenge is not for the weak-hearted.

Get involved today. You can opt for a position as outlined below, or your idea for a new volunteer opportunity.

Blood Services

  • Donor—Give blood
  • Greeter—Greet and register donors when they arrive at the donor site.
  • Host/Hostess—Serve snacks to donors and replenish refreshment table.
  • Containers—Assist nursing staff in preparing blood containers for donors.
Emergency Services
  • Community Disaster Education Presenter—Provide presentations using Red Cross disaster preparedness materials. Excellent communication skills required. Materials and limited training provided.
  • Disaster Action Team Member—Respond with one or more team members to local disasters, such as fires, within two hours or less of notification. Extensive basic training (18 hours) provided. Volunteers must be at least 16 for field work.
Health Services
  • Equipment Aide—Assist in preparation of equipment and supplies for Red Cross classes.
  • Instructor—Conduct Health and Safety courses including First Aid, CPR, HIV/AIDS Education, Babysitter's Training, Sport Safety Training, Lifeguard Training and Crime Avoidance. Courses are taught at Red Cross offices or community locations. Teach six courses in a year and the training is free. Volunteers must be at least 17.
  • Instructor Aide—Help instructors conduct Health and Safety courses.
Holocaust and Tracing Services
  • Tracing—Assist tracing specialists in the Holocaust and War Victim Tracing and Information Center. Due to the sensitivity of this work, volunteers must be at least 17.
  • International Humanitarian Law—Educate your community on issues affecting people around the world.
  • Translator—Translate documents from English to German, and from German, Yiddish, Russian, Polish, Czeck, Hungarian, Ukrainian, French, or Spanish to English.

Financial Development & Special Events

  • Special Events coordinator/assistant-Help organize a local Red Cross recognition or fund raising event.
  • Fred Cross Mascot-Entertain crowds at various Red Cross events in the Fred Cross costume. Leadership.
  • Student Steering Committee-Join other Baltimore-area high school and college students in leading the Red Cross by designing and marketing new Youth Services programs.
  • Red Cross Clubs/SHARC Groups-Join Red Cross Clubs in your school or SHARC groups in your community committed to serving the Red Cross mission.
  • International Delegates-Partner with Baltimore area immigrant populations for cultural exchange, academic mentoring, and field trips.
  • Speak Out! Ambassador-Speak to groups about the Red Cross while receiving valuable communications training.

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