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Youth in Emergency Services (otherwise known as YiES) groups are made up of high school students who want to serve the local community by responding to disasters, preparing the community for disasters, giving group presentations to middle and elementary school students, and promoting Red Cross services through volunteer projects.

There are currently two YiES groups in Central Maryland:

Anne Arundel County: located at the Forte Meade base in the Red Cross House. Contact Karen Blankenheim at 410-674-3110 for more information or to get involved.

Howard County: located at the Red Cross House on Vantage Point Road. Contact Mary Fran at 410-420-9629 for more details or to join.

YiES Forms at Ft. Meade

It's amazing to see a doctor help a man walk again, right? Isn't it also amazing to see a teacher help a child learn to read? You know what else is amazing? To see a group of teenagers donating a few hours of their free time on a weekend to learn how to assist a stranger who's been affected by a natural disaster.

What is their reward? Money? Praise? No, their only satisfaction is to have touched one life and proven that there is still compassion in this world. YiES stands for "Youth in Emergency Services." It is hosted by the Red Cross of Central Maryland and held at the Fort Meade Red Cross Center. Here, 15 high-school students have come together to receive training in how to assist people who have suffered from fires, floods, and other natural disasters.

Youth in Emergency Services are trained to help people in the community both physically and mentally, whether serving them food, reading a young disaster victim a bed-time story, or setting up a shelter to house those who've been left homeless. YiES is there to learn how to help those in need. This is the first attempt of YiES in Anne Arundel County , and the group is doing everything it can to encourage other area youth to participate in this remarkable opportunity.

Show that you care about your community and make a point to help! Join YiES! It's a chance of a lifetime to show what you are really capable of.

Ashley Condict - AA County Youth Volunteer

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