Emergency Response/First Responder

Emergency Response (First Responder)– Learn the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a first responder in an emergency to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until advanced medical help arrives. You will be eligible for reciprocity, upon receiving a passing score on the State of Maryland exam, to receive state certification as a First Responder. >NOTE:This class meets 7 days. Call 410-624-2060 for additional dates.

  • Ideal for:  Suitable for coaches, industrial safety brigades or teams, police, fire fighters, and anyone who may be responsible for care before advanced help can arrive. It can also offer a firm grounding in basic knowledge for those planning to go into more advances EMS training. NOTE: This class meets 7 days. Additional dates are above.
  • Length of course: 44 hours
  • Cost: $200.00

Click on the course name for the times and locations where the course will be taught, as well as the ability to register on-line. If you are interested in group training, please call 410-410-624-2079.

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