Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas for youth

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Car Washes
Have a free car wash. Most money will come from donations. Get volunteers to provide towels, soap, etc. Everyone loves something free!

You can help the Red Cross by holding your own fundraiser to benefit disaster relief. With the following fun and easy ideas, you can gain valuable experience organizing events while making a positive impact.

Businesses interested in holding a major fundraiser for the Red Cross should email details of the planned event to us to apply for approval. Ideas for business-oriented events include:

  • Hold a lunch, concert or gala for your clients,
  • Encourage staff & client participation in existing Red Cross golf or tennis tournaments or hold one of your own tournament,
  • Add a line on outgoing email stating your support for the Red Cross and including a hyperlink to our website address -,
  • Add our logo and a hyperlink from your site,
  • Match your employee's donation in full or by a percentage
  • Add a line to your paychecks stating the company's support for the Red Cross and encouraging employees to do the same.
  • Put a secure box or can with a small opening in the top on the receptionist's desk or the front desk [as long as it is safe and emptied nightly].

To partner with the Red Cross on your preferred fundraising event, just complete our volunteer inquiry form. You will also need to complete a form to verify compliance.

Garage Sales
Conduct a garage or yard sale in your community. Invite all volunteers to bring items to sell for the Red Cross and offer to pick up large or bulky items. Contact the Red Cross to determine the percentage you will be donating.

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Fruit Sales
This is one fundraiser that the pubic will look forward to each year. There are a couple of growers which specialize in providing citrus fruit from Florida. This is usually available from December to February. Try Indian River.

Harvest Party
Similar to the Talent/Bake Sale. It was a costume party/bake sale/activity booths with games for the young children to win easily. (The costume portion puts everyone in a good mood!) Everyone is invited to bring any homemade or purchased baked item to be auctioned off. There are always some favorites which everyone bids up high. The activities would promote first aid and safety

Selling Holiday Decorations

Get involved with a flea market or holiday craft show set up a booth, selling poinsettias, bows, wreathes, etc. Add a little note about holiday safety, such as fire prevention, with each purchase.

Cook Book
Solicit favorite recipes from submit forms (provided by Red Cross) with their favorite healthy recipes. Cookbook is then compiled and taken to a corner copy center for mass production. Sell the cookbooks to the public, possibly at a dinner where some of the favorite recipes have been prepared.

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Bake Sale/Talent Show
Sell or auction off baked goods and treats. Try a silent auction where a bid sheet is posted next to the item and customers write their bids down, each one topping the one before. Larger items can be auctioned off with a lively round of bidding. Snacks such as popcorn and drinks are also sold during the show. People are free to move around during the show to bid on items and purchase snacks. As part of the talent show, slides and videos are shown of Red Cross activities so the public can see what the Red Cross does. It really helps kept the public in touch with what Red Cross is all about.