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Hurricane Isabel Pitch

Save a life - Learn CPR!
CPR is a vital skill. Find a CPR
class in your area.

Location and directions

Hurricane Relief Effort: Massive Red Cross hurricane relief effort continues...

Come Dancing!The annual Red Tie Gala is October 1st. You don't want to miss this!

Learn About the Red Cross Measles Initiative

Play A'round with Us! Golf Challenge To Benefit Disaster Relief
Join us for 6th Annual Carroll County Golf Classic and win a Toyota Camry.

Extraordinary Volunteer Opportunities

Need to Donate Your Car?
Car donation program helps the Red Cross pay for local disaster relief. Donate your car online...

Learn Pet First Aid: Take a class or
Buy Pet First Aid used in class

Does your Gym have a defibrillator
Automated external difibrillators and CPR training are proven to save lives

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Learn CPR and AED training

CPR + AED Training Save Lives!
Chance of surviving without CPR training
decreases 10% with every minute delay.

Red Cross Assists
Thousands of
Hurricane Charley Victims

Child CPR


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Need a first aid
kit fast?
We specialize in first
aid kits and CPR
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Do You Know How Good
it Feels to Volunteer?
Volunteer Maryland
with your
local Red Cross.