Guide to Purchasing Stromectol Online

Stromectol is an antiparasitic drug whose active ingredient is Ivermectin. Mostly this medicine is used in veterinary medicine, but its use is also justified in humans for the treatment of helminthic infestations. For this purpose, the drug has been used since the mid-1980s, since it showed high efficiency against elephantiasis and some other diseases caused by nematode parasites. Stromectol is one of the trade names under which the active substance Ivermectin is sold. In human medicine, this medicine is used in the form of tablets for oral administration, less often in the form of ointments. Tablets are available mainly in dosages of 3 mg (more seldom, 6 and 12 mg) and ointments with about 1% Ivermectin. In developed countries, Stromectol is mainly used against lice and blepharitis caused by infection by microscopic mites.

Buy Stromectol Onlin

Stromectol is a fairly expensive drug, and in some cases it must be used for a long time, for example, with a disease such as rosacea. It is more profitable to buy Stromectol online, in particular because, in addition to lower prices for original drugs, you can buy very cheap generics based on Ivermectin in online pharmacies. If for residents of the United States or Europe the difference may not be too noticeable, then for residents of Latin America, Asia and Africa it can be decisive.

Almost all major online pharmacies offer generic Ivermectin, which are manufactured in India, Malaysia and other countries. US residents who are faced with the need to treat parasitic infestations or inflammatory skin diseases caused by skin mites can buy Stromectol online from international or national overseas pharmacies, such as Indian ones. Most large pharmacies deliver abroad at a fairly low price.

Stromectol over The Counter

Stromectol is a prescription drug, but quite often there is no special need to visit a doctor to get a prescription. For example, if, due to contacts with disadvantaged segments of the population, you have picked up lice, it is not necessary to go to the doctor, spend your time and money on this and get into an awkward embarrassing situation. It is easier to buy medicine without a prescription, as this is one of the most effective remedies for lice. Of course, in offline pharmacies in the United States, it is impossible to buy such drugs over the counter. However, in online pharmacies, especially in Indian pharmacies, the prescription status of this drug is practically ignored. If you are sure that you need this particular drug, place an order at any Indian pharmacy, and no one will have questions about whether you have the cherished paper from the doctor.

Stromectol Price

Prices for original Stromectol start at about $10 per tablet. The medicine is sold in blisters, usually 10 or 4 tablets in a blister. Considering that for the treatment of some parasitic infections, you need to take a six-month course of taking the drug, albeit with interruptions (in order to completely destroy the parasites in the patient's body at all stages of their development), the amount that the treatment will cost can look quite daunting. In this regard, incomparably cheaper generics of this medicine are very popular, the average price of which is about one and a half dollars per tablet. Parasitic invasions are already extremely unpleasant diseases, so you should not inflict additional financial damage on yourself during their treatment, especially since cheap generics do not differ in quality or properties from their prototypes.

Stromectol Coupon

A good way to save money when buying Ivermectin is to use coupons in online pharmacies. Coupons are offered mainly by large online pharmacies as part of certain promotions or as a means of stimulation for regular loyal customers. For example, branded Stromectol costs about $110 per pack (prices), and a coupon can save you $30 to $40. Coupons are issued mainly for branded Stromectol, but some pharmacies may also apply it to generics of this drug.

Stromectol Cheap

The cheapest Stromectol is offered by Indian generic manufacturers. The country has made pharmaceuticals one of the flagships of its economic policy, and a side effect of the mass production of medicines has been their low prices, making Indian medicines worldwide in high demand. They are also of excellent quality. Both Indian generics of Stromectol and most other Indian-made drugs are in no way inferior in quality to their branded prototypes, and often even surpass them due to a more careful selection of excipients and purification of the main ingredient.

It is more than real to buy Indian Stromectol is more than affordable at around $12 for a pack of ten tablets. You can find cheaper options if you put some effort into finding the best deal and purchase a large number of tablets in one order.

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