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Men around the world are faced with such an intimate problem as erectile dysfunction, much more often than we used to think. Even young, physically strong and outwardly attractive men without any objective diseases can suffer from a state of the body in which it is impossible to achieve an erection of sufficient strength, or it is not possible to maintain it throughout the entire sexual intercourse.

In the case of young men (up to 30 years old), the causes of sexual failure usually lie in the field of psychology. This may be a fear of sexual failure caused by an unsatisfactory sexual experience, a change of partner, self-doubt, or it may be the effect of stress, psychological trauma experienced, or a combination of several negative factors. At an older age (from 30 to 50 years), organic disorders come to the fore, caused not so much by the aging of the body as by a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, unhealthy food, disturbed sleep patterns and problems with the cardiovascular system caused by these factors. Since it is the blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis that is responsible for the erection, male potency is directly dependent on the state of the cardiovascular system. After about 50 years of age, changes in the hormonal background associated with the natural aging of the body join, as well as chronic diseases. Thus, it can be concluded that no one is immune from encountering erectile dysfunction. The main task of a man who began to experience difficulties in bed is to start treatment as soon as possible so that the state of erectile dysfunction doesn't become normal for the body.

Fortunately, modern medicine has effective and safe drugs to restore potency. Despite the fact that there are several of them, they all belong to the same pharmacological group: PDE-5 inhibitors. They are convenient to use, since they must be taken orally, unlike, for example, paraverin from the antispasmodic group, which must be injected directly into the cavernous body of the penis by intrapenile injection. In addition, they are not addictive and can be used for as long as necessary to get rid of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

The most effective, well-proven and reliable medicine against ED from the category of PDE-5 inhibitors, which has already helped millions of men to return to a full sexual life, is Viagra. Invented by American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and launched in 1998, the famous deep blue diamond-shaped pills have revolutionized the medical world and changed the lives of countless men. However, despite all their undeniable advantages, branded Viagra pills have one significant drawback: they are not available to anyone because of their overpriced cost. Despite the fact that more than twenty years have passed since the creation of the drug, the manufacturer keeps its prices at a high level. Today, the price of one tablet with a dosage of 100 mg reaches $90. In such a situation with prices, the bulk of men who experience problems with potency are unable to access treatment.

However, there is a way out of this situation, although doctors rarely mention it at the official level. These are generics of Viagra.

In order to understand how generic Viagra can help a man with symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it is first necessary to clarify what generic Viagra actually is.

Each medicine lying on the shelves of pharmacies has an active substance that is responsible for its effect on the human body, and a trade name. In our case, the active substance is Sildenafil citrate (often just Sildenafil for short), and the trade name is Viagra. This is the brand name, that is, the one that the inventor company Sildenafil (Pfizer) assigned to this substance for sale in the global pharmaceutical market. Only Pfizer and its subsidiaries have the right to market a drug called Viagra. That is why it is called branded - it is the only one of its kind, it bears the sign of the inventor and manufacturer. Until a certain point in time (usually within 20 years after registration of a patent), only the company holding the patent (Pfizer) has the right to use the patented active substance under any names. But when the patent protection period expires, all other pharmaceutical companies get the right to produce and sell their drugs with a similar composition, but under different names. It is these drugs - copies of branded ones that contain identical active ingredients in a similar dosage - that are called generics.

Despite the fact that in general, in their essence and principle of action, generics are completely identical to the original drug, they may still have minor differences. They mainly relate to excipients that are responsible for drug characteristics such as tablet density, color and taste. Branded Viagra only comes in the form of diamond-shaped blue pills, while its various generics can be any other shape or color. In addition, generic manufacturers can be more frivolous with dosage. They should not exceed the maximum possible dosage of the active substance per tablet, as well as reduce the dosage below the minimum established by the manufacturer of the branded drug. However, generics may come in a wider dosage range than branded drugs. Original Viagra is available to consumers only in 25, 50 and 100 mg dosage versions of the active substance (Sildenafil). At the same time, there are generic versions of Viagra in 35 and 75 mg versions, although they can be found quite rarely. There is also an option with 200 mg of Sildenafil in one pill, but it is important to remember that it doesn't mean taking such a pill as a whole, it must be divided into two or four parts.

Generics have absolutely the same indications and contraindications for use, side effects and features of interaction with other drugs, as well as their branded prototype. The same instructions for use apply to any of Viagra's generics as to the original drug.

Some people are suspicious of generic Viagra because they are used to thinking that the generic is something second-rate compared to the original drug. However, their fears are unfounded. All modern generics, including generics of Viagra, undergo mandatory certification in the same way as original drugs. The only significant differences regarding their production process are that they are produced on the basis of finished medicinal formulas, so their manufacturers are not required to conduct clinical studies. This is logical, since research on exactly the same active substance has already been carried out by the company that invented this substance itself. In the case of Viagra, it's Pfizer.

Buy Generic Viagra Online

For several years, pharmaceutical companies around the world have been producing Viagra generics. These generics are absolutely identical to the original medicine (pills), and there are more specific ones, such as oral sachets.

Generic Viagra in various forms of release today is produced by many pharmaceutical companies. Leading positions among manufacturers are occupied by companies from Asia (mainly Indian) and Canada. At the same time, in the US, there is a certain problem with the purchase of generic Viagra. They received official FDA approval in 2018, but due to the categorical protectionist policy in the field of pharmaceuticals, on the shelves of American pharmacies, you can find mostly American-made generics, less often Israeli or British. These options, approved by Pfizer and produced under a special agreement with him, are more affordable than branded Viagra, but still far from cheap.

It is possible to buy truly profitable generics, but for this you need to apply outside-the-box thinking. If it is impossible to find cheap and high-quality Viagra generics in local American pharmacies, then it's time to forget about the borders between countries! No, we don't urge you to break the law and cross the state border in search of an effective cheap Sildenafil. All that is required of you is to fill in the search engine with the query "buy generic Viagra online". Online pharmacies offer generics made in many different countries at low prices. Among such online drugstores, there are those based in the United States and are engaged in a kind of resale of medicines from international warehouses (more precisely, from the warehouses of international pharmacies). But the most attractive prices are offered by pharmacies based in foreign countries (generic producing countries; these are national foreign pharmacies), as well as international pharmacies.

Buying generic Viagra online, like any other medication against erectile dysfunction, is no more difficult than buying any regular product in an online store. Online shopping has become an integral part of our reality a long time ago, but when it comes to medicines, some consumers still don't trust online pharmacies. This is unreasonable, of course, only if you follow the simplest precautions: check the rating of the pharmacy according to the reviews of other customers and the ratings of aggregator websites, pay attention to the date the pharmacy was founded and whether the license number for the sale of medicines and medical products, as well as its validity period, is presented on its website. Avoid purchasing any medications on message boards, forums, or other interpersonal contacts. Trust only official pharmacies, and then the risk of encountering low-quality, expired or fake medicine will be reduced to zero!

Buy Generic 100mg Viagra Online

The most popular is Viagra at a dosage of 100 mg. Pills with this dosage most effectively stimulate the male reproductive system, providing increased blood flow to the penis. The same applies to generic Viagra at a dosage of 100 mg. They will help any man who has problems in achieving and maintaining an erection, whether he is a nervous student or an elderly man of not the most powerful sexual constitution, who decided to impress his wife and remember the sex exploits of his youth. With a more or less regular intake of Sildenafil 100 mg, it helps even if erectile dysfunction is severe, arose many years ago and has never been treated before.

Generic Viagra Cost

Generic Viagra when bought online is almost a hundred times cheaper than the original drug. Such a difference cannot but stagger the imagination! However, it is not so easy to buy generic Viagra at such a low price. To do this, you need to find the best deal (usually you can find these in large international online pharmacies that sell Indian-made medicines) and buy as many pills as possible in one order. The trick is that the price of one tablet in most pharmacies that focus on generics in their assortment is inversely proportional to their quantity. Therefore, if you need Viagra only occasionally or you still do not know if it is really suitable for you, it is better not to try to find the cheapest option. In the usual average online pharmacies, you can buy the Indian generic Viagra for about $1 per 100 mg pill, and the Canadian one - for $5-6 per pill.

Viagra Generic Over The Counter

In the US, Viagra has the status of a prescription drug, which means that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to purchase its generics without paperwork from a doctor. And this applies to most American national online pharmacies. Meanwhile, when placing an order at an online pharmacy located in the jurisdiction of another country, the buyer is not subject to the requirements of US pharmaceutical law - that is, he can freely buy whatever he wants, and he will not be punished for this, since Sildenafil is not a restricted substance. Buying generic Viagra without a prescription is elementary in any foreign or international pharmacy, except, perhaps, British ones: the legislation there is a little stricter, and you may be asked to show a scan of the prescription.

Cheap Generic Viagra

Cheap generics of Viagra are a real salvation for many thousands of men whose income does not allow them to purchase a branded medicine. Everyone deserves good sex, according to some scientists, the realization of sexual capabilities is a basic human need. Therefore, cheap analogues of Viagra are moving humanity towards a more prosperous, calm society, in which there will be less aggression, dissatisfaction with oneself and others on the part of men.

Generic Viagra Brands

As we have already stated in the article before, generic Viagra cannot be sold under the name Viagra. It has other brand names, such as Sildenafil, Sildenafil Generic, Generic Viagra, Silagra, Kamagra, Nipatra, Aronix, Liberize, Sildenafil Sandoz, Boost Sildenafil, and others. As it can be seen, most Viagra generic brand names are either constructed based on the name of the main active ingredient (usually paired with the name of the manufacturing company), or are a distorted word "Viagra".