Generic Or Branded Drugs for Treating ED

Successful treatment of erectile dysfunction began relatively recently ? only in the late 1990s. Medicines from the category of PDE-5 inhibitors turned out to be the only effective agents for restoring potency. These include all currently known pills for improving erection, such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, as well as some other, much less common names. Drugs from other pharmacological groups that are advertised as having a positive effect on potency are just vitamin-mineral complexes or dietary supplements, that is, they are not medicines, and you should not expect any serious results from them. Although, of course, supplying the body with useful trace elements is also beneficial for sexual health.

If a man began to experience problems with achieving or maintaining an erection and went to the doctor, or decided to start taking drugs against erectile dysfunction on his own, this is commendable, because the main thing in the treatment of any disease or pathological condition is the timely start of therapy. However, even when the fear of medications is overcome and a decision is made to start treatment, the question often arises for men ? what exactly is better to choose, branded medicines or their generics?

Both those and others have their strengths and weaknesses. When buying a branded medicine, you can be sure that you get a medicine thoroughly tested by all the bodies of pharmaceutical legislation, which is produced by a renowned company whose products are always of the same quality, regardless of the country in which you make a purchase. Brands such as PfizerEli Lilly and Bayer are the real quality marks, famous around the world.

By opting for generics, you get the opportunity to purchase a medicine based on the same active ingredient as the one contained in a branded drug for significantly less money. Sometimes the savings reach 80% of the price of the original medicine, which can only please patients with not the highest income. However, some difficulties await consumers as well: there are many generic manufacturers, and not all of them have products of the same high quality; it can be difficult to make a choice, because generics are sold not only in the form of pills, like their prototypes, but also in the form of soft tablets for dissolving in the mouth or chewing, and sometimes in the form of sachets. Available dosage options are also wider than in the case of branded medicines.

The process of acquiring generics is also a bit more complicated. The fact is that in the USA in ordinary local pharmacies you can find only a very limited assortment of generic anti-ED pills, and this applies not only to the analogues of the originally American-produced medicines (Viagra and Cialis), but also to the generics of German Levitra, although it is unclear why America cares if branded German medicine is bought by US citizens or its analogues.

 width=For this reason, in order to safely choose the generic version of ViagraCialis or Levitra that is most suitable for you, it is best to go to the websites of various international online pharmacies. It is there that the probability of finding the greatest number of generic options is most likely; they can be conveniently sorted by price, country of origin, a specific pharmaceutical company, and other parameters. As for their location, it does not matter, because all such pharmacies carry out the prompt delivery of drugs to the most diverse countries of the world. Its term rarely exceeds 12 days.

The most good reputation is enjoyed by Indian and Canadian counterparts of branded anti-ED drugs. They are affordable and at the same time they are characterized by more than good quality. Often, they even provoke fewer side effects than their prototypes.

The option to buy generics is especially appreciated by men who need to take anti-ED medications on a regular basis, in which case branded pills are a serious strain on their resources. If they are needed occasionally, branded ones are not worse either.