The American Red Cross has enlisted the help

The American Red Cross has enlisted the help of Maryland’s best and brightest teenagers and young adults to help us become one of the most progressive non-governmental organizations around — the Student Steering Committee.

Our Student Steering Committee is building the platform from which all our youth-oriented programs will be generated. If you have the desire to get things moving and shaking, and have the spirit to get involved, sign up online today, or call us at 410-764-4602.


Instructor Aid Program

CPR & First Aid Instructor Aid: Get ready for your future now by getting a unique work experience teaching CPR and First Aid classes. Volunteers are required to participate in First Aid/CPR training (certification awarded) and an Instructor Aid workshop. The training is free if the student volunteer agrees to aid in four (4) classes a year and recruit one (1) other student for the program.

International Delegates Program

International Delegate: Open your heart to a young international refugee and expand your horizons. Refugees, often forced to flee their native countries to escape war or oppression, have left behind their families, friends, their culture and everything that is familiar. The difficulties these immigrants face are often intensified when the newcomer is young. Volunteer to help ease the frustrations these young people face and help them overcome the difficulties of being strangers in a strange land. Student volunteers will be involved with the immigrants in activities such as accompanying them to baseball games, trips to the aquarium, movies or more formal activities like trips to Washington DC. Make a real definable impact, learn about different cultures and enhance your resume by becoming an International Delegate. Please call (410) 764-7000 x 3009 for more information and training/activity dates.

Ready Response Teams

Ready Response Team: Get trained in the basics of a disaster relief. Learn to work as a team in response to non-recurrent disaster situations, e.g. tornado, flood, winter storm, etc. Open and manage schools as shelters in a . The focus of these teams will be Mass Care/Sheltering and Mass Care/Feeding.

Speak Up!

Communications/PR Training Description Students interested in learning speaking and writing skills from the pros and getting real world practice through making presentations to groups on Red Cross stuff and writing press releases for Baltimore media centers should sign up for Speak Up! Call (410) 764-4915 for more information.

Email us if you are interested in these programs or if you would like more information about opportunities in Blood Services, Communications and Marketing, International and Emergency Services, Financial Development and Special Events, Health and Safety, and Holocaust Tracing Services.

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